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Business Moving

Business Moving

We move businesses without interrupting daily operations

Every business owner who moves his company has several basic requirements: minimal interference with daily operations, for all items to remain intact and undamaged, and for everything to run smoothly and problem-free. We address all of these needs, making us the number one choice for business moving.


How to order our cheap moving services?

  1. Call our dispatch centre and provide a detailed list of items to be moved.
  2. Order packing supplies in advance that we provide free of charge (boxes, wrapping foil…).
  3. Secure parking for our moving truck in close proximity to the moving location and also ensure easy access from the vehicle to the building.


What moving services are available in Prague?

  • We offer 10 years of experience in moving services in Prague and the surrounding area as well as across the Czech Republic.
  • We will re-park our vehicle free of charge and do not charge mileage in Prague.
  • We offer moving services on weekends and holidays without extra fees or charges.
  • We lend packing supplies (boxes) free of charge- must be ordered in advance.
  • We provide disassembly and assembly of furniture if required, minor repairs as well as disconnecting/connecting certain electronic appliances.
  • We provide building inspections and consulting services from our technician free of charge.
  • You can move house while you’re on holiday- come back to a new flat without any of the stress of moving, thanks to our special services.
  • Your satisfaction is our main goal- that’s why we try our best to meet your individual needs and requirements. We try to process your orders as quickly as possible in a time-frame selected by you. We work fast!
  • We also offer express moving services around Prague in up to 24 hours.
  • We offer our services at very reasonable prices. Our rates start at 250 CZK/hour.
  • In order to accommodate all of your needs we work whenever you need us- 24/7!
  • You don’t have to worry about any of your things. Our company will take care of professional packaging and security. For your maximum comfort and security, we of course provide insurance for your belongings.
  • We also offer individual discounts, a minimum of 15% off for our loyal customers, students, disabled customers, as well as government and non-profit organizations.


Take advantage of our other services

International moving services – With us, moving to or from an international destination is not a problem. Thanks to us you won’t have to deal with any problems or hassles. We’ll take care of everything for you.

Moving flats – Just thinking of moving from one flat to another might give you a headache- fear not, we’re here to help. For us it’s a piece of cake.

Business Moving – When moving entire businesses, we do our best not to interfere with the company’s daily operations. Our technician will inspect potential problems and provide consulting free of charge. All of the company’s items will be transported safely and quickly.

Small-scale Moving – If you’re having trouble moving a single piece of furniture and don’t have the means to transport it, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to move for example your fridge, wardrobe, or even smaller items.

Moving Heavy Items – You may come across a particularly heavy item in your home that you wish to either dispose of or transport. These include pianos, safes and other heavy items or pieces of furniture that weigh over 100kg. We offer moving services for heavy items such as these.

Cleaning Services – We provide cleaning services for various facilities- flats, schools, hotels, etc. We clean carpets, wash windows, display windows and other glass surfaces. We dispose of any on-site garbage.

Masonry Work – We offer a wide range of services in this field. You can say we provide masonry services of all types: from construction to reconstruction of buildings, demolition work to laying tiles or painting. Plumbing and wiring are also not a problem for us.

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