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We also offer handyman services- various construction work, drilling, repairs, assembling household furniture – appliance installation – consulting- minor masonry work- contact us for more information
Hourly Rate:
For the first hour : 250 CZK
Every hour after that : 150 CZK
Transport around Prague : 200 CZK
Outside of Prague 7 CZK/km

 Services:                                                                                                                              ORDER         

Furniture Assembly and Repairs

 Installation of cornices, blinds, shutters, brackets, handrails, assembly of purchased furniture from all manufacturers, furniture repairs and maintenance, kitchen counter assembly, glass and mirror replacement


Installation of ceiling lights, socket and switch replacement, home appliance installation and repairs, replacement of light fixtures


Repairs or replacement of faucets, cleaning clogged drains, toilet repairs or replacement, installation or replacement of washing machines, dishwashers and sinks

Painting and Varnishing

 Painting doors, windows, complete reconstruction of these parts, painting outdoor and indoor spaces, including cleanout and cleanup

Locksmith Services

Installation, repairs and replacement of locks, doors, door inserts, handles and fittings, installation of gates and fences 

PC and Electronics

Installation of PC programs, organization of cables, connecting and tuning electronics

Garden Work

Mowing, raking or burning grass, chopping and pruning trees, fruit picking, pruning and spraying orchards, raking and burning leaves, trimming hedges, fertilizing, cleaning debris, preparation or transport of firewood, disposal and cleanup of materials

Minor House and Construction Work

Repair of holes and damaged corners, drilling and creating holes for cables, minor masonry work, removing old plasterboard, plaster work, laying floors and carpets, demolition and disposal of materials

Transport moving furniture, transport from shop to home

Storefronts and Display Windows disassembly of old display windows, cleaning storefronts and display windows, setting up new displays

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